Event-management application Development Company

To make an event successful and glorious, the effort is amazing. We make it easy for the organizers to plan and execute special tasks by compiling it in an application. Parkav Infotech develops the perfect mobile app solutions for the event organizers to get their works done smart. The usual methods are giving way to digital solutions which increased the pace of living.Our event app to plan your events will make the management much simple and easy. Our years of experience in mobile application development are a promise to deliver the best products for our customers. And what more to say, the apps we designed for some of the prominent clients will draw a picture of how good we are at doing our jobs. Above all, we love our job. So we use the best of our skills to ensure the quality.

Amazing Features

Assign Tasks

Event management is basically assigning the tasks in a correct and proper manner to make the event controllable.

Share Photos

For a very perfect to ensure the tasks get completed and to manage the event smoother, share photos and make easier.


This app is built with the in-app messaging facility which provides the user to communicate with each other.

Know the events

This app gives you notifications through the even calendar about upcoming or pending events to attend so that planning gets easier.

Integrate with your account

Interaction is the basic and most needed thing, thus integrating with your social media makes simple and better.

Create Events

Before organizing an event you have to create it to assign the necessary tasks and that can be accomplished with this app.

Know to Use and be the Use

Admin App: Start from knowing how the user shares the data and let them know with the help of this admin app you can manage everything time to time with your panel and serve the customers nice and ease.

Search, Track, Schedule and more..

Customer App: Customer focused business is a great business, likewise when a mobile application which is customer oriented in terms of usage and features is the best mobile application. This sports app is more convenient to understand and useful.

We Are not Alone

Our team of vibrant professionals builds a best network. Experience and knowledge is our strength,which makes us more powerful.